October 22, 2017


Grace Weekly News

Sunday October 22, 2017



Title:  Wind In The Sail
By:  Orbie Estep Jr
Date:  Oct 22, 2017



Are You Living Or Existing?
Jesus promised us the power to fulfill His mission through the Holy Spirit. “You Will receive power and you Will be my witnesses.” We are Christ followers we are not Christ fans. Fans sit on the sidelines, followers get into the field of play. Followers are in the midst of the action. We must be men and women of action, Men and Women of the Cross ready 24/7, ready to seize each day. A man once told his wife that he never wanted to live in a vegetative state dependent upon a machine. He said, “If that ever happens to me, I want you to pull the plug.” So She got up and unplugged the television. Are you in a vegetative state or are you in hte filed of play experiencing His power 24/7? We are to pick up this book life, the Bible and live as Jesus lived. We are to evaluate our lives, our relationships, our actions and reactions, our priorities and resources in the light of our relationship to God and His Worship. For all the busyness in each of our lives “Are you getting anywhere?” Are you going anywhere?” “Is there a purpose for it all?” Listen purose gives meaning to our lives. It gives one the ability to say, “I know why I’m doing what I’m doing!” And so the Question needs to be asked: Are you living or are you just….. existing?


Roger Smith, Carolyn Baldwin, Carrie Henson, Corbyn Nauman, The Marshall family, Bill, Paul and Gene Bussey, Effie Pressnell, Jim Chubb, Terry Knapp, Bob Jenkins, Fred Heaston, George Cook, Those affected by the fires and hurricases, Our Country



  • Choir Practice is happening!! Come out and be a part, join us at 4:30pm.
  • Big thanks to shose who came out and helped Thursday at Interfiath for pumpkin painting! The FAITHWALK DRAMA TEAM from Morehead Kentucky will be here Sunday, Nove 5th. You don’t want to miss their show!!
  • New At Grace: We will be serving dinner on the first Wednesday of every month before bible study. All proceeds will go to the building fund. Please see Sister Amy for a list of what to bring. Thank you in advance for your participation.
  • Fred and Karen would like to extend the invitation to Grace members for their wedding this Thursday Nov 2nd at 5:30pm.
  • Grace will be having a Craft Sale on Nov 11th. Please be in prayer about how you would like to be a part of this. All proceeds go to the building fund. See Sister Amy for details.
  • Field trip!!! We are planning a group outing to see Christian Comedian, Chonda Pierce, on Saturday, November 11th Please see the signup sheet on bulletin board for details.
  • If you are interested in volunteering at the Rue Farms retail store, please see brother Glenn Massie to get signed up. Each volunteer will work and earn money for the building fund. #WatchGodWord.
  • School supplies are out so now is a good time to get crayons and drawing paper etc. for the nursery and children’s classes. Our little ones apprecitate it.
  • Our Guatemala 2018 Missions team is having a shoe and Bible sponorship. We are collecting $5.00 for either shoes for a child or Bibles for the adults. Check out the flier on the back bulletin board or see Sister Deb for more questions.
  • Our Church van runs every Sunday morning, if you know of someone who needs a ride please see Sis. Penny Brown.
  • Young Adult ministry: Skyler and Aloni McNutt have a Young Adult ministry at the 616 Building, Thursday evenings at 7pm. Please lift them and this ministry up in your prayers. For more details see Skylar or Aloni.
  • Teen’s Group Tuesday evening, 7pm.
  • Men’s Bible study Tuesdays at 7pm.