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November 26, 2017



Title:  Our Greatest Resource
By:  Michael Phillips
Date:  November 26, 2017




A friend of mine gave a Bible to someone who was going through a difficult time.  The person was in real need, and their life had been one disaster after the other, but in all that time there was never any concrete attempt to give their life to God and follow him.  As my friend gave a Bible to this person, and encouraged him to read it, he suggested that he might start by reading the Christmas story, since it was that time of year.

The man looked at him with real surprise and said: “You mean the Christmas story is in the Bible?” For those of us who know what the Christmas story is and have read and heard the Christmas story many times from scripture, it seems incredible that someone would not know something that basic.  But there is a growing ignorance of spiritual things in our land as we attempt to separate our lives from the any contact with, or reference to, God.


Roger Smith, Bob Jenkins, Dave and Betty Wagner, Alyssa Massie, Thelma Farmer, Marc Tritle, Betty Sawyer, The Marshal Family


  • Next Sunday will be our Monthly Fellowship breakfast.  Come join us at 9:00 am before Sunday School
  • The Giving Tree is underway!  Please take a tag from the tree in the front of the sanctuary.  When you do, you are helping the homeless shelter this holiday season.  For more any questions please see Sister Deb Brown.
  • Don’t forget, Choir practice today at 4:30!
    • Our Christmas program is Dec.17th. Invite someone to join you.
  • If you are interested in volunteering at the Rue Farms retail store, please see brother Glenn Massie to get signed up. Each volunteer will work and earn money for the building fund. #WhyGrace
  • Our Guatemala 2018 Missions team is having a shoe and Bible sponsorship. We are collecting $5.00 for either a pair of shoes for a child or a Bible for the adults. Check out the flier on the back bulletin board or see Sister Deb for more questions.
    • Our church van runs every Sunday morning if you know of someone who needs a ride please see Sis. Penny Brown.
    • Young Adult ministry: Skyler and Aloni McNutt have a Young Adult ministry at the 616 Building, Thursday evenings at 7 pm. Please lift them and this ministry up in your prayers. For more details see Skylar or Aloni.
    • Teen’s Group Tuesday evening, 7 pm.
    • Men’s Bible study Tuesdays at 7 pm.