gmbc bulletin

Taken From The Church's Weekly Bulletin

Grace Missionary Baptist Church

December 8, 2019

Prayer names

The Lost, Rickie and Darrell Littler, Dave O'Reily, Richard Dehart, Barb Penrod, Sandy Johnson, John Groeschel, Pete Brown, Jon Brown, Jenny Chaney, Harry Grieser, Steve Ball, Ruth Murnahan, Dave Wagner, Jean Heaston, Susie Ryan, Dottie Plantz, Roger Taylor, Dave Fannin, Jim Cain


Christmas choir practice is today at 4:30.

Cookies with Santa Santa is coming to town. He will be at Grace Wednesday, December 11th 2019 from 6 to 8 PM. This is a new community outreach to Grace. Come join in the excitement.

Winter coat drive we are still collecting new and gently-used want your coats, hats and gloves for the needy children of Kenwood School, sizes six 2:14. Please see sister Paula for more details.

Collecting crayons are sponsor School, Kenwood Elementary, has informed us that they are in need of crayons. If you're able to please pick up a box or two meal. See Sister Paula for any questions or donations.

Interfaith Christmas Fellowship December 17th 2019. Please have all Giving Tree donations in by December 15th 2019.

Church Sign: We are raising funds for a new church sign. If you would like to donate it will help us spread the word to our neighborhood.

One call prayer request please send one call prayer request to Sister Deb at 937-215-0400 or Sister Amy, at 937-308-4796.

What if there was no Christ in Christmas?

Let's Ponder the what if... Say the Antichrist Powers would have defeated Christ at Birth and therefore eliminated Christianity? What would have been lost? There would be no Christmas Joy. There would be no smiling children. There would be no Merry Christmas. There would be no stinging of Jingle Bells. There would be no Joy to the World. There would be no Hark the Herald Angels singing, no Silent Night. There would be no gift-giving. There would be no colorful lights or candy canes. There would be no God With Us. There would be no reason for the season. There would be no holiday spirit of giving. They would be no good news. There would be no sacred romance between us and the Lord. It would be no faith. No prayer. There would be no Supernatural feelings. There would be no Grace, no mercy or forgiveness. There would be no purpose for our lives. There would be no bondage breaker moments in life. There would be no Freedom, no eternal life. There would be no Transformations. There will be no church, no Christians, no bridge to the presence of God. There would be no Spirit-filled life. There would be no love. It would be no wise men, no New Testament nor the Bible as we know it. There would be no entrance to the holy of holies. There would be no revelation of Jesus. There will be no pastors. There would be no worship music. There would be no bread of life for any deliverance from eternal torment. There will be no testimonies to his miraculous or resurrection power. There would be no defeats of death, no salvation... No Hope. Only with the gift of Christ are we getting all these things and so much more. Remember to always keep Christmas rooted in Christ…