Tutorial on how to use the Tithely giving app from our website

Step 1

Click on the Give Now Button in the upper right corner.

Step 2

Click the "Create" button at the bottom to create an account.

Step 3

Fill in the form and click the submit button.

Step 4

Choose payment method. Notice at the bottom there are two small links one is for credit cards and the other is for bank accounts. I recommend using the "bank account" method because the cost of transaction fees is only 1 %. The cost of the credit cards fees are 2.9%.

Step 5

Fill out the credit card or bank account information forms. Then click on the appropriate submit button.

Step 6

Your bank account or credit card info is now stored with tithe.ly and will be shown in the list.

Step 7

From the top left hand of the page select the menu icon ☰ then select Home.

Step 8

In the search bar search for "grace missionary baptist church". Find our church from the list provided for me it was the second one down, but it could be different for you. Just be sure it to select Grace Missionary Baptist Church 301 beacon street.

Step 9

Fill in the form. Enter your "Give" amount., As of today there is only one fund the "General Fund". Click the recurring check box if you want the amount to come out on a regular occurrence, or leave it blank for a one time donation. Then select the button for either credit card or bank account.

Step 10

Then you have the option by checking the cover fees check box to pay a little extra to cover the processing fees. Or leave it blank to not pay the extra amount. Then select the "Give" button.

Step 11

Click Ok to confirm your donation.

This is your confirmation page that you donated to "Grace Missionary Baptist Church".


You have succesfully made your first donation using tithe.ly. This process is identical using either the app or the website.

You will then receive an email confirming your donation.