Church History

In 1962, Reverend Orbie G. Estep Sr. and Reverend William Pressnell started a mission from Springfield Missionary Baptist Church. The mission was located at 1601 West Main Street. These men, compelled to call under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, after only three months, formally organized this mission into a separate church. These men of God were led to call it Westside Missionary Baptist Church. The Holy Spirit continued to bless and guide leading to the purchase, one year later, of the property at 3504 Dayton Springfield road. It had been previously known as the “Old Boone Station School.” Under continuing leadership of the Holy Spirit, the church was remodeled into an appropriate house of worship and the congregation began to grow. Westside Missionary Baptist Church became a haven for the lost as more and more people came to hear the Gospel preached in such a loving way as to immolate so effectively the teachings of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior. The church’s most unique characteristic was voiced by many who came through the doors. “As I entered into the church, I felt the love of God within these walls.”

Over the years, the church has had several pastors. These men of God include:

-Reverend Orbie G. Estep, Sr., Cofounder and first Pastor

-Reverend John T. Coleman

-Reverend Clyde Cavins

-Reverend Orbie G. Estep, Jr., Current Pastor since 1984

In July 1989, the congregation had exceeded the capacity of the building on Dayton-Springfield Road. The building, being land-locked, was unsuitable to fit the growing congregation’s needs. This situation led to the purchase of the current location. With the new location came a new name. The name properly reflects that which people have felt touch them over these many years. It was that which forgives their sins. It was that which gave them comfort in their time of need.. it was “GRACE.” Although the name is new, the invitation remains the same:

To all who are lonely and want friendship,

To all who are weary and need rest,

To all who mourn and need comfort,

To all who need Christ!

And to whosoever will.

Grace Missionary Baptist Church opens its doors and says:

“In the name of Jesus, Welcome.”

We hope you will come and see for yourself the blessings that our Lord has bestowed upon our congregation.