Church Hours


10:00 AM Sunday School

Grace offers Sunday School classes for people of all ages. All classes are Bible-based and Spirit-inspired. Adult classes offer a traditional look at the Word of God as well as an Alternative Class that takes God’s Word and seeks to teach through practical application in our every day lives.

11:00 AM Worship Service

At Grace, worship isn’t just about those that have a specific role in the service. All worship services involve each and every person in attendance. We depend on YOU to do your part in worship, to come prepared to receive what the Holy Spirit has in store for us a body of believers. Remember, worship takes place at the church but service takes place outside of the church in our everyday lives.


Men Of Grace

Join the Men of Grace group as they share testimony, study Scripture and share a prayer in an informal setting. Men of Grace has proven to be a ministry of love and service, both inside the church and outside.

Teen Impact & Devotions

Impact Group teens meet weekly where they are served a homemade meal, share in faith-based activities and share devotions. Youth Impact has led to many young people to the Lord and set them on their journey with Christ. Transportation is available for teens each Tuesday evening.


6:30 PM Adult Bible Study

Join us for an informal Bible Study in our church’s dining room as we get into the Word of God and share fellowship with one another. Bible study and open discussion is a great way to continue building your relationship with Christ.