Our Team

Our Pastor

Orbie Estep Jr

Reverend Orbie Estep has pastored since 1984 when the church, known by Westside Missionary Baptist Church, was located on Dayton-Springfield Road. In July 1989, the congregation had exceeded the capacity of the building, the building, being land-locked, was unsuitable to fit the growing congregation’s needs. This situation led to the purchase of the current location. With the new location came a new name. The name properly reflects that which people have felt touch them over these many years. It was that which forgives their sins. It was that which gave them comfort in their time of need…. it was “GRACE.” Although the name is new, the invitation remains the same. Since pastoring Grace Missionary Baptist Church, Pastor Estep has seen many people accept Jesus as their Saviour, followed by many baptisms into the church family. Today, Grace Missionary Baptist Church averages an attendance of 150 each Sunday morning. None of Grace's growth would have been possible without the Holy Spirit within the leadership of Pastor Estep. Pastor Estep preaches the true Gospel of Jesus Christ through His Word led by the divine Spirit. Pastor Estep can be best described as a pastor, friend and mentor to the members of the Grace Family.


Brother Ron DePriest

Brother Pete Brown

Brother Glen Massie

Brother Leonard Brown

Brother Larry Hayden

Secretary and Treasurer

Sister Deb Brown - Church Secretary

Sister Rickie Littler - Church Treasurer

Sister Sue DePriest - Sunday School Secretary